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How does a scientific breakthrough get from bench to bedside?

Biomarker is a free newsletter exploring how science, medicine and biotech align to deliver next generation therapeutics and tech. Through a series of interviews with experts we ask: what do storied scientists consider to be their most impactful discoveries? Which research questions keep them motivated to come into lab, and who are the most promising young investigators in their fields?

How are biotech CEOs, founders or investors navigating the murky waters of the 2022, and raising capital? What advice do they have for aspiring entrepreneurs or biotech investors?

We are in the midst of an explosion in scientific discovery. Biomarker is a snapshot of the most exciting areas in translational science and medicine, and how scientists, clinicians and entrepreneurs view this work.

What to expect

Published ~ weekly, the newsletter consists of three main components:

i) Lab Meetings: interviews with well-known scientists and occasionally industry experts.

ii) Deal Flow: short interviews with founders and leadership of biotechs. What initially got them interested in entrepreneurship, and what is it like to be in biotech today? What is their company’s secret sauce and are there any upcoming milestones? Hiring?

iii) The Cap Table: interviews with established venture creators and investors. Which areas of science and medicine are they most excited about? What advice do they have for first-time founders trying to raise capital? How do they model and evaluate companies?

Biomarker was created by Dylan Neel, an MD-PhD candidate at Harvard/MIT. Contributing writers include Henry Klingenstein (ARTIS ventures), Kirti Nath (Harvard Med) and Harim Won (HMS + OUP Ventures).

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Interviews with scientists, industry experts and investors. Deep dives on emerging areas in science and biotech.


Dylan Neel

MD-PhD candidate, Harvard/MIT (HST) 🧬